• We Help Startups In Their Business Journey!

    We Help Startups In Their Business Journey!

    eDobit Association

    We Will Force You To Find The Right Market Fit,
    We Are Stronger Together

  • Lean Business Strategy Is What You Need!

    Lean Business Strategy Is What You Need!

    Strategy and Planning!

    It Is Easyer If Expert Look On You From The Distance!
    And Very Often, Solution Is Closer Than You Think!

  • You Will Get Knowledge And Guidance

    You Will Get Knowledge And Guidance


    Even The Best Lecture Will Not Make Your Business Succeed!
    But, It Is Easier To Find The Solution If You Know How To Look!

  • This Is About Your Business

    This Is About Your Business

    Think Big!

    You Will Build Your Business, With Your Audience!
    Our Community Will Teach You How To Teach Them! That Is The Secret Souce!

  • Grilling The Good Stuff!

    Grilling The Good Stuff!

    Meetings and Networking

    Our Propositons Are Sometimes Unorthodox!
    But, So Are Our Lives And Circumstances :D

  • Technology You Need Not To Worry About

    Technology You Need Not To Worry About

    Business Ecosystem

    When You Are Busy Building Your Businesst,
    Technology Should Help, Not Confuse You! So We Put Everything Together!



    eDobit Association

    We Will Force You To Build Your Business,
    Because We Can!

What We Do

We are Business Oriented Community And have Built Ecosystem For Your Success And Scale!



We Do!

It Is Easy To Say Yes, But Not So Easy To Do It In The Right Way! We Have Built Community Marketplace, The Perfect Entry-Point For Your Fast Start! Just Include Your Shop And Embed It To Your Website Or Blog In A Few Clicks! We Can Build Your Independent Shop Too, And Teach You How To! Just Ask!

Home Business?

Home Business?


If You Like, Do Work As A Freelance! Reaching Individual Goals Is Our Mission!

Web Design

Web Design


We Will Design, Host And Take Care Of Your Site, To Help You Grow!



That too!

When You Need To Scale, There Are A Lot Of Possibilities And Good Old Telemarketing, If Expertly Done, Can Be The Best For New Company! But, Telemarketing Is Just Small Weapon From Arsenal In Your Disposition

Our Projects

Some Projects We are involved with! It never gets boring with us.

Gym Expert

Gym Expert

Marketplace for Gym Owners, Trainers and Clients looking for Personalized Training!

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We just started this with the idea to help 100 startup companies grow internationally!

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Clix Club

Clix Club

If you need additional income, work from home or need a new start but have no or little money!

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How we work

We Build Your Audience And Teach You To Teach Them! You Will Earn Doing That!


3 Months Intro

Pay INTRO Membership price for 3-Months! After you finish basic education, We will deliver to you students! You teach them and earn commissions!
€ 60

6 Months Intro

Instead, you can Fix INTRO Membership price for 6-Months and do the same! After you finish basic education, We deliver students, you teach them and earn commissions! You spare 120 € in Fees!
€ 50/Month

After Intro Period

After chosen INTRO finish, you will pay monthly membership fees, 50 €! Until then, you will build your business, at least to the Break Even Point! That is Our promise! Or money back!


If for any reason, during the INTRO PERIOD, Our Comunity fails to deliver students or you fail to build an income to cover costs, We don't want your money! Just ask and We will refund 100%!


There are many ways you can build your business! Some basics are the same and the process of learning and discovering is necessary!

The Right Focus

You should focus on your business and not on any program! That is how Our teaching curve is programmed!

Build your Audience

Your audience are people who trust you and listen to your messages! Your advertising efforts should build that audience!

Detect your target

Who is your audience? Who they are and what is a common problem they​ have that you can solve?

Relations before Selling

To make money on www, you have to earn a trust of your audience! Instead of selling you build an environment where people like buying!

Help People

Help people solve their problems or accomplish goals! That way you will build the relations. Some of them will be your the best customers, even if you sell them nothing

Teach Clients

Any business should follow some strategy. Do first things first. There is NO magic button in business. Everybody should learn the basics!

Teach Teachers

Learn how to teach people to teach others. That​ is called duplication and is your path to money!.We will pay you to teach them!

Business Infrastructure

We will build the infrastructure for your web business. It is included in your membership. You will be able to repeat that building process again and again!

Choose Niche

Develop Niche Statement that will define your business and work in Niche full of passionate people prepared to pay you for their problem solution!

Experiment and Change

Your path to success will be constantly experimenting and changing to find your market fit and reach your audience!

Put system together

You need to build a system that will attract the right profile of people to your business in whichever Niche it is!
Good Money

MONEY 1: Teaching fees

We will pay you to teach our members. Do not panic! We will teach you how to do that first :D
Fast and reliable

MONEY 2: Sell in Our marketplace

Start selling in no time! Open your store in our marketplace and embed it on​ any blog or website!
Additional income


Earn Affiliate fees whenever somebody you refer buy anything on Our site or in our marketplace!
Great income

MONEY 4: Your Basic income

Earn Affiliate fees whenever somebody you refer buy anything on Our site or in our marketplace!


Opening Hours

Mon-Fri 10am - 12pm
Sat-Sun 1pm - 12pm
Cocktails 5pm - 12pm
BBQ 1pm - 9pm

About Us

In 1991 three guys thought it was time to create something very good for the human race.